For thousands of year’s merchants from the Mediterranean, Middle-east and Europe have docked in Jaffa port and transformed its tastes, flavors and cuisines. We’ll embark on a tour to find the enchantingly various tastes of the city: form the special pastries, brought by Bulgarian immigrants to the local different Hummus styles, from east European and Balkan delicacies to the north African kitchen. We will meet with the colorful figures behind the pots that will reveal to us the art of ‘Kubbeh’, the chemistry of ‘Shakshuka’, the biology of ‘Sambusak’, and the mathematics of ‘Gefilte Fish’. In the last few years the market is undergoing a process of change and new boutique shops, restaurants and pubs are being opened among the older shops and stands. In the tour we’ll investigate those changes and hear historical stories from the long, 4000 years old, history of Jaffa. During our walk we will sample about 5-6 different types of food, All vegetarian or dairy, which could be considered a light meal.