The tour follows the story of a messianic-Christian community from Germany and their attempt to establishan utopian society in the Holy Land. We’ll look at the colony’s daily life in the late 19th century and learn about the new technological innovations and German culture leisure activities they brought with them. We will visit many of the village houses like the community house, the Blacksmith workshop, the sausage maker store, the olive oil press mill, the Gunthner’s café dance floor, the Kuebler’s beer garden, the bowling game alley and if possible, go down to the underground tunnel leading to the wine cellars. The story also tells about their transition from devoted Christians to Nazi party members and their deportation by the British during WWII. Why did the school for prophecy close? How was the theft problem solved? Where was the gold treasure hidden? What do sergeants love most? What were the last words of the head of the Nazi movement in Palestine? Who was in charge of the cows in Tel-Aviv?