The tale of two Christian-Messianic communities, one from the state of Maine in America and the second from Wittenberg in Germany, and their attempt to establish an utopian society in the Holy Land. We’ll visit the Ottoman train station, the Du-Parc hotel of the Russian baron Von-Ustinov, the C.I.D house, the Gulomb family flour mill and more…If possible we will hear Juan play the pipe organ at the neo-gothic, 19th century Immanuel church. What was learned in the school for prophets? What was Mr. Hardag looking for at the winery cellar? Why did George Adams try to bribe a postal clerk in Jaffa? How did Agnon, noble prize winner for literature, fall asleep in the garden and find a job? Why did the German Kaiser Wilhelm II cry? Who could finish 251 bottles of brandy in one year? How did Mark Twain described the American Settlers?