Not by chance, Florentine neighborhood that gathers a variety of artists, dropouts and nonconformists, holds amidst its streets the largest and most extensive collection of graffiti in Tel-Aviv. The tour is guided by an artist who is connected to the street art scene, and knows personally the artists. We’ll walk with him through the streets and encounter numerous street arts in a variety of styles and techniques, some miniature and some covering a whole building. How did they manage to paint that height/size? What does it make us feel?When do we consider graffiti to be an art, a protest or just a jumble? How do the artists manage not to get caught? How do the authorities handle it? Who are the artists that started as street painters and today exhibit at galleries? We’ll learn to identify the style, signature and nickname of the leading graffiti artists and maybe try out to scrabble on the walls ourselves.